«Modern Pop Dream», 2018

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«Modern Pop Dream» © Mar Cantón, January 2018
Work process: digital painting based on freehand illustration, photomanipulation and collage techniques. (Inspiration: M. James 68).

«Modern Pop Dream» © Mar Cantón, enero de 2018
Proceso de trabajo: pintura digital basada en ilustración a mano alzada, fotomanipulación y técnicas de collage. (Inspiración: M. James 68).

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“Hydra (or The Bitch)” by Mar Cantón


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“Hydra (or The Bitch)” by Mar Cantón


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“Hydra (or The Bitch)” by Mar Cantón

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“Hydra (or The Bitch)” by Mar Cantón

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“Hydra (or The Bitch)” by Mar Cantón 


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“Hydra (or The Bitch)” by Mar Cantón 

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“Hydra (or The Bitch)” by Mar Cantón 


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